Welcome to PT. Galih Sukses Mandiri website our mision are Become a professional services company and is able to provide benefits to business partners and community and our vision are Provide the best service in the service, recruitment, management and human resources development and management solutions to the satisfaction of industrial relations problems for companies and society.


PT Santos Jaya Abadi is steeped in tradition as rich as its coffee. As the largest family-owned coffee brand in Indonesia, our company’s roots grew from a small home industry company in Surabaya. Where more than 79 years ago in 1927, our founder Go Soe Loet produced his popular coffee.

Shortly thereafter, the company began producing coffee using  the trade mark “Kapal Api” (Steam Ship), drawing its inspiration from the steam ship which at that time was the symbol of technological superiority and a mark of luxury. Inspired by idea of always aiming at quality, the business has made a fast and steady progress.

In 1970 our company evolved the organisation. The second generation emerged to guarantee the continuation and success of the business by introducing state of art changes in the Machineries and equipments, people skill and management and the expansion of the product availability to reach the entire East Java.

In 1980 we built our existing factory at Sepanjang, Sidoarjo in East Java. At this stage, Kapal Api brand has become the pillar of our business, distributed all across the country and has become the market leader with its complete range of products.

Following the success of Kapal Api brand and to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our consumers, PT Santos Jaya Abadi has introduced other successful brands into the market: Excelso, ABC, Good day, Ya and Kapten.

Today, PT Santos Jaya Abadi with its product range is so much a part of people’s lives and spans so many generations. We attribute this success to the good management, the thorough dedication of our staffs, and naturally to the service and excellent quality of our products.

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